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Located in Ho Chi Minh City, our factory, or ‘studio’, as we like to call it, is made up of a small team of talented seamstresses.

As a seamstress tucked a seam under with her finger and another prepared to cut the fabric, a member of the photography team exclaimed: ‘I can’t believe it’s all handmade!’. The truth is, a person, no different from any of us is operating that sewing machine - we hardly realise that all our clothes are handmade - it’s old school, but that’s how all of our clothing is made. It’s a lovely human story, and it reinforces the need for us to help people value craftsmanship and the hands behind each piece of clothing.

Video Cover
Video Cover

The Factory

Our photography crew expected to see mass-production lines, and were surprised to see that the studio, was brightly lit and air-conditioned. The seamstresses cut the fabric and sew the pieces here. Another five seamstresses sit in the outskirts of the city and support the factory’s production.

The Team

The five seamstresses whom we met were between thirty to sixty years old. They start work at 10am and end before 7pm, working 5 days a week. They break in between for a quick lunch at the studio, and occasionally listen to music whilst they work (they were listening to Vietnamese pop songs when we were shooting the location).

Truc, owner

Truc is a young entrepreneur who studied fashion design before going on to assembling her own team of experienced seamstresses. When we first met, we were drawn to her strong belief in quality, ensuring that all the seams of the clothing were finished properly. We were both aligned in our approach to fashion and this helped to strengthen our partnership over the months.

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