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Our vision to build a better, more sustainable brand is one that is challenging, and we recognise that we still have a long road ahead.

That’s why we’ve set objectives and goals that will guide us to make progressive strides and become better at what we do. In staying aligned to our values of transparency, we will be reviewing our goals and will keep you updated on our progress. We hope you will join us on this journey to learn, innovate and improve.

Responsibly Sourced Trims

While we hold ourselves to the highest standards when sourcing for materials, we still struggle in some of the smaller categories, particularly trims, where we would have to create entire supply chains. This year, we aim to push the envelope. By the end of 2021, 50% of all trims sourced will be traceable, certified and/ or biodegradable, and they will come from ethical sources and/ or be made from recycled materials.

Esse’s Repair Program

The current fashion system operates in a linear take-make-waste model which is not sustainable for people and our environment. Our mission to transform the fashion industry to one that is more circular means 'sustaining' is no longer enough. In 2021, we want to start by keeping materials in use for a longer period of time. With that in mind, we aim to launch a repair program for all of Esse's garments in the middle of 2021 so we can move towards our goal of circularity.

Diversity and
 Inclusion Policy

As a brand that puts people at the centre of what we do, we believe in ensuring that everyone whom we touch should feel accepted, respected and represented. This should be reflected in the way we operate and communicate. In 2021, we have established a Diversity and Inclusion Policy which will serve as a compass to ensure that these values will always remain at our heart. As we grow, we will continue to identify areas of accountability, and commit ourselves to them.

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Supply Chain Traceability

Understanding our supply chain is fundamental for building a collaborative relationship across our supply chain, as well as creating a healthy internal culture of transparency and accountability. This year, our goal is to trace our supply chain down to the mill level.

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