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Growing up in Singapore and having learnt the art of dress-making from a local tailor for a number of years, our founder wanted to shine light on the tradition of garment-making and skills of seamstresses and tailors around the region. All our pieces are made in small quantities in workshops and by home-based seamstresses. This allows us to have a direct relationship with most of our makers and keeps us engaged with the entire production process.

Our small scale workshop in Ho Chi Minh City employs 5 full-time seamstresses. The full-time seamstresses work in a fully air-conditioned office within a serviced apartment. They work 9 hours a day, with breaks in between, and receive annual days off and paid sick leave. Being a team of experienced seamstresses, they have a fair bit of bargaining power and are paid a monthly salary above Vietnam’s average living wage.

Our other workshop is run by a home-based seamstress located at Bảo Lộc, the tea and coffee growing region of Vietnam. With over 20 years of experience in dress-making, she moved to Bảo Lộc in search of a cleaner and slower pace of life. Her husband grows coffee while she sews for small brands and clients to make a living. She partners with 2 other seamstresses who are located around Bảo Lộc. By working directly with these home-based seamstresses, we are able to support their own small business with 100% of the profits going back to them.

Our final workshop is based in Batam, Indonesia. Batam is a 45 min ferry ride from Singapore. With over 30 years of experience producing garments for global brands, the workshop owner ran into financial problems as the brands moved their production offshore to larger scale factories. He has since scaled down, employing 5 full time staff and home-based seamstress around Batam. We partner with the workshop owner through our pattern-maker based in Singapore. As garment-making is a sunset industry in Batam and a sought-after skill, the team receives a fair amount of bargaining power when determining the production price of the garments.

A note on transparency:

While we fully support the movement towards greater transparency in fashion supply chains, we have chosen not to share the full address of our makers on the website as most of our seamstresses work from home or have workshops that adjoin their place of residence. In order to respect their privacy and at their request, we have decided not to disclose their addresses.

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